Squirt is a bratty 3-year-old Webkinz Spotted Frog. He is greedy, self-centered, immature, violent, loud, needy, and might have some anger issues. Kermit, his brother, often attempts to look after him. Squirt has done many terrible yet hilarious things, such as kidnapping the Easter bunny, selling muddy water, eating the contents of entire chocolate shops, invading and wrecking otherwise great videos, and many more majorly mischievous actions. His description on TheSuperdog19's official website reads: "Squirt is a mischievous 3-year-old Webkinz Spotted Frog who always finds a way to get into trouble. Whether he be messing up an episode of the "10 Things" series or kidnapping the Easter Bunny, his very presence is a sign of disaster."